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Families Association of Kidnapped and Missing Persons from Kosovo and Metohija

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Families Association of Kidnapped and Missing (FAKM) is a nongovernmental organization. With a humanitarian character and one and only objective – to lighten up the fate of our missing beloved ones, we exclude any political engagement and political parties marketing, we do not manipulate with the victims and we are not abusing the disaster. The Association started operating in March 2000, with it is HQ in Belgrade. The first attempt to associate the families of kidnapped persons have happened at the very beginning of their disappearance, in the year 1998. The main reason for no success was inefficiency or, in another words, the lack of interest of our Government and the International Community to resolve this legal and humanitarian problem.

FAKM is in possession of the following data, since 1998. till today, more than 1300 Serbs and other non-Serbs have been kidnapped by the armed and uniformed people of Albanian nationality. According to our statistics and our data base, out of the total number of missing persons 10 % of them were kidnapped before NATO intervention, 5%during the intervention and 85% after the peacekeeping forces arrival and 1244 SC Resolution, which guaranteed security for all the population of Kosovo and Metohija from the 11 June 1999.

From NATO arrival on, the terror and violence over non-Albanian population started and all of the mentioned that have survived the bombardment, were forced to leave or were taken into unknown directions and there are no traces of them ever since. The people of different nationality Serbs, Montenegrins, Turkish, Roma, Gorans, certain number of Albanians not loyal to UCK, have shared the same destiny Old people, babies from their cradles, more than 50 children aged between 3 and 12 years… Respectful people from our society were not spared either, University professors, doctors, journalists, artists, well, mentally disturbed persons as well patients dieing of cancers.

Armed and uniformed formations known as „UCK“ (KLA-Kosovo Liberation Army), violently ambushes on the roads and other public places.

The Association is in possession of the documentation and information concerning the perpetrators and events such as date, time, description of event, the perpetrators names, which were in details submitted to the responsible authorities with the hope that they are going to deal with those. Unfortunately, not many of them have been arrested, nor ever taken to the court. Prior to this issue, we have had the findings about the certain number of kidnapped and missing persons that were held in some locations, alleged detention camps in Kosovo and Metohija, but some of them in Macedonia and Albania as well.

FAKM appealed to numerous organizations and institutions, to the Embassies of the countries whose troops were sent to Kosovo and Metohija within KFOR and UNMIK, but, so far, there no significant improvements with the missing issue. We are still waiting to hear about the fate of around 500 of our missing family members.


• The respecting of human rights

• Revealing the fates of the kidnapped and missing persons in Kosovo and Metohija

• Urgent releasing of all survived persons

• Determine the social / economic / legal status of the survived members

• Enabling the access to the information

• Speed up the exhumation and identification process



Families Association of Kidnapped and Missing Persons from Kosovo and Metohija

Head office Belgrade

Sremska no. 6/4




tel/fax: +381 11 328 5025


President of Association

Verica Tomanović

Secretary of Association

Olgica Božanić

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