In order to help in resolving the fates of missing persons you can make a direct donation using an online form Make a Donation. If donation is to be directed only to one of the associations that constitute the Coordination than please add a note (Options / Add a message) with the name of association. Donations can be signed or anonymous, and you also have the ability to specify the amount to be paid repeatedly (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly).

Platform for donations has been developed in collaboration with the non-profit organization Ammado. You can take a look at our profile at Ammado, as well as to donate funds for this and other purposes.

Except through the internet, you can make a donation in Serbian Dinars or EUR using wire transfer to the following bank accounts:

For domestic payments in Serbian Dinars:

Koordinacija srpskih udruženja porodica nestalih lica sa prostora bivše Jugoslavije

Banca Intesa 160- 372181-03

For international payments in EUR:

Beneficiary: RS35160005400000642722, KOORDINACIJA SRPSKIH UDRUŽENJA PORODICA, Milutina Milankovica 120 B, Belgrade, Serbia

Account with institution:DBDBRSBG (SWIFT/BIC), Banca Intesa AD, Beograd, Milentija Popovica 7B, Belgrade, Serbia

Intermediary: BCITITMM (SWIFT/BIC), Intesa Sanpaolo SPA, Milano, Italy

Also you can write to to find out the best way how to help.